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We at Hair Grass Hair Loss Solutions pride ourselves on finding and matching specific ingredients and products to combat the most challenging and common Alopecias, hair and scalp concerns internally and externally. We produce clinically proven hair revitalizing systems for aging and thinning hair that have both chemical and Natural options, FDA approved Lasers, Natural hair care products such as our essential hair food oil, custom and stock ready to ship Medical grade Hair Units for men and women.

We understand experiencing any form of hair loss and/or scalp disorders weighs heavy on confidence and self esteem. Not being well equipped with the right ingredients provided internally and externally can potentially cause more harm than good.

We don't Simply Offer hair care products; we offer clinically proven Hair Revitalizing Systems for aging and thinning hair. Products will STOP, RELIEVE or REMOVE your hair and scalp issues. “Water Your Roots"

About the Owner

Ms. Prescott is a Licensed Cosmetologist, a Certified Hair Loss Professional and a Board-Certified Health Coach with an in-depth understanding of how losing hair can be life-changing and traumatic for many. After servicing many clients with the same concerns (itching, burning, tingling, thinning, and aging hair) Ms. Prescott began researching ingredients that combat specific hair and scalp concerns (DHT Sensitivity | Nutritional Deficiency | Inflammation) and that's how Hair Grass Hair Loss Solutions was born.